While our industry is in its nascency, it is up to a range of stakeholders, including:





Retailers and beyond

to create pathways towards financial, social and environmental benefit.

A circular economic approach

focused on people, planet and profit is essential to the meaningful application of cannabis and hemp products towards solving global challenges. Our team and partners can support the industry in transitioning towards:

  • stakeholder engagement planning,
  • making progress according to the sustainable development goal indicators, and utilizing metrics to substantiate impact outcomes – such as the Global Impact Investing Network’s IRIS catalog of metrics.

Your membership will make it possible for you to discover and implement best practices, and to collaboratively work with our members to create an impact measurement and management strategy applicable to your work.

Our team has identified the initial impact outcomes that collaboration through our platform is intended to realize. Our stakeholder map showcases some introductory details about how our members will measure and manage the outcomes related to our collaborative work. Our online community includes forums specifically for stakeholder engagement working groups, and we share our results with the public. Research and experience related to these initiatives will be shared on the platform itself as well as through public impact reports.
The KanaboStream business development process is based on a circular economic approach. Our trading insights and industry data are collected to drive forward economic growth, while our working groups bring members together to collaboratively realize sustainable development, conservation and regeneration initiatives. We’ve outlined clear pathways to create benefit for people and society, to measure and manage our impact, and to realize the sustainable development goals. Our team members actively share their practical experience with the KanaboStream Community through our online groups and forums, courses, research and toolkits. Together, we bring regeneration from theory into practice by utilizing collaborative technology.