KanaboStream: CMTREX 3.0. Scaling with Confidence

We create solutions across the global cannabis and hemp industry

18 months ago, the CMTREX team set out to address a fundamental challenge within the emerging global wholesale cannabis and hemp trading markets: inefficient trading pathways and mechanisms.

In January 2019, CMTREX launched its initial digital trading platform – CMTREX 1.0 – designed to be a scalable proof of concept aimed at digitalizing the wholesale trade of cannabis and hemp products.

Throughout 2019, we onboarded 400 active clients from around the globe with a combined inventory listing value of over $500M USD. Beyond innovating to bring forth a wholesale trading platform for the cannabis and hemp market, we gained numerous relevant insights.

This journey has motivated us to adjust our growth strategy in alignment with industry-relevant global trends, including:

Sustainable development

Impact data and metrics

Transparency and equitability

Stakeholder engagement

Benefit-driven governance

and many more important data points across today’s buyer-driven cannabis and hemp wholesale trading markets throughout the world.

Cannabis Impact Group

Integrated Bespoke Services

Our team provides clients with individualized integrated service packages

Complimentary Physical and Digital Trading Services

Our digital trading platform is expanding through the establishment of physical trading desks in multiple geographic markets.

KanaboStream: Transforming Cannabis into a Catalyst for Positive Global Change

Our team members, alongside our community, create educational content, resource databases, and case study examples related to how stakeholder engagement is becoming a meaningful part of our industry.

We see tremendous potential for the cannabis and hemp industry to develop not only in the direction of managing Environmental, Social and Governance risks – but rather, to intentionally create meaningful and genuine positive impact.

Through initiatives such as Stakeholder Board participation, direct stakeholder and beneficiary impact verification, and emerging technologies, we can develop a fair and equitable value chain.

We’re creating a stronger and clearer narrative around how this plant is at its core a force of good.

The KanaboStream Community is being driven by active participation from industry thought leaders, cultivators, conscious companies, sustainable development experts, impact investors, and the increasingly relevant field of impact measurement and management. We are further incorporating the most recent data and insights from across the regenerative agricultural space and circular economy initiatives.

Our team and our community members at KanaboStream are stepping up to help our clients and customers become outcome-driven, as related to very specific, positive, economic, social and environmental impact.

We’re catalyzing the generation of more sustainable profits for the long-term through appropriate impact management planning and execution.

Recent 2020 data from sources such as Tribe Impact Capital, Bloomberg, along with the performance of the iShares ETF and other top sustainable ETFs, has shown us that sustainable and impact-focused investment portfolios have both outperformed investor expectations and capital markets.

In a competitive business environment, the search for value proposition and differentiation is paramount. Cannabis and hemp products can make a direct positive impact on the realization of a majority of the global sustainable development goals, in alignment with relevant indicators and best practices.

It’s up to us, as a global community, to ensure that the positive impact we catalyze is genuine, verified and engaging.

Work with Us - Professional Services

The Cannabis Impact Group is on a mission to develop and improve unique cannabis and hemp products and initiatives across the global agricultural, technological and retail landscapes.

A global network of traders, financiers and marketers focused on actively marketing and sourcing products on behalf of CMTREX clients while managing all aspects of the supply chain.

Leveraging off the in-house expertise and proprietary IT stack, CMTREX IT solutions offers a range of services and plugin solutions helping clients more effectively manage their sales and marketing functions.

Alongside our strategic partner, Roshem Impact, we are able to provide clients with a suite of consulting and verification services including impact investment strategy development, purpose-driven corporate structuring, impact management and measurement, outcome realization and stakeholder engagement.